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[TowerTalk] Rohn BX - What type of Gin Pole?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn BX - What type of Gin Pole?
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Date: Sat Jul 26 13:46:28 2003
Lash a ladder to the legs and pull it up with block and tackle pull tied
to top of ladder use ladder as gin pull works fantastic because people
on the ground do all the pulling.

Use ladder as gin pole 24 foot to 28 foot
Tie to first section, place pulley at top of ladder so ground crew can
do the pulling place second pulley for ground crews at base of first
So you can pull at an angle away from tower for safety.
Since the ladder can extend you just raise the ladder when you need more
height on the gin pole you'll be able to get at least four sections
before you have to move the ladder up higher. You can rent ladders cheap
10-25$ per day

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1239 W. Till Rd.
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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn BX - What type of Gin Pole?

Friend of mine is building a new house, and he doesn't want to pay his 
Satellite TV service $6 a month for local channels. So, he's going to
up a ~50 foot tower with a TV antenna, and he came and asked me what I 
would recommend for a tower system.

Seems like good old Rohn BX is tailor-made for exactly this sort of 
service. We're in a 75 mph county, so wind loading isn't a factor even 
with BX (as opposed to HBX or HDBX).

Problem is, I've never worked with BX. What sort of Gin Pole do you use 
for this? The section weight shouldn't be a problem, but you can't use a

Rohn gin pole because there's no round legs to clamp to. 

How have others overcome this problem? What do you use to raise BX?

I'm also curious that TexasTowers doesn't list BX on their web site. Is 
Rohn still manufacturing it?

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