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[TowerTalk] Pull rope twisted in conduit

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pull rope twisted in conduit
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Date: Fri Aug 1 11:08:02 2003
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> B. Fish a new pull rope through the conduit? If this is the right answer, 
> what's the right way to do it? This sounds like the proper thing to do, if I 
> can figure out how.

B. gets my vote, Jim.
       You can get a "Fish Tape" from some of the big Home Depot type places, 
or an electrical supply house. Ideal makes a decent one which isn't very 
If you get the type with a hook on the end, tape and lube the end b4 you 
stick it into the conduit.... The fish tape can get really stuck otherwise!
Lube ANY wire before pulling. The friction created during a pull can really 
abrade the new wire and some old ones too. The damage is, of course, concealed 
in the pipe and can be a lot of fun finding. It usually doesn't show up till 
water gets involved.

GL es 73,
Don - K4BEV
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