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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pull rope twisted in conduit
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Date: Fri Aug 1 12:40:28 2003
I have a 350 foot - 4" diameter conduit that I have fished wires through
several times.  I have many many wires in the conduit and I would never
consider pulling them all out just to add additional wires.  I install an
extra 12ga electrical wire and use that for pulling future wires.  When I do
add wires, I dig up the end by the tower and remove the  fittings so I can
pull straight out of the pipe.  If you can do that at both ends you'll
really benefit as angle fittings (even 45 degree ones)  add a lot of
resistance.  Also use plenty of pull  lubricant.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pull rope twisted in conduit

Hi everybody,

I pulled a couple of small cables through my 100 foot 3" conduit that goes
the house to the tower. This time it was extremely difficult. I can't even
 the cable another inch. I'm lucky that it's just sticking out the other
Seems like the pull rope is twisted around some of the cables; and getting
worse every time I pull something else through. What's the best way to deal
with this?

A. Start using cable pull lubricant and don't wory about it?

B. Fish a new pull rope through the conduit? If this is the right answer,
what's the right way to do it? This sounds like the proper thing to do, if I
can figure out how.


Jim Idelson K1IR


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