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Date: Fri Aug 1 23:50:56 2003
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> I have several PL-259 and SO-239 connectors that I acquired in the 
>  1970's. Also a number of male-male barrels, female-female barrels and 
>  90-degree male-female connectors.
>  Do these type of connectors deteriorate with the passing of the years? 
>  Their finish has been dulled, but they are in good mechanical condition. 
>  They have been kept dry during storage, although exposed to the summer 
>  and winter time temperatures of an unheated/uncooled building.

    It depends on the material. If they're silver, then the silver oxide 
collected over the years is a conductor and they'll work FB. If they're nickel 
plated, then the nickel oxide is not a conductor and you'll have potential 

Steve    K7LXC
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