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[TowerTalk] Re: Pull rope twisted in conduit

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Pull rope twisted in conduit
From: (Steve Maki)
Date: Sat Aug 2 01:36:34 2003
K1IR wrote:

>Thanks for all the replies. I went out and got a 125 foot fish tape at the 
>Depot. It went completely through the conduit without any resistance 
>whatsoever. I think the new plan is to take out the cables that I just 
>installed and the pull rope, which are all twisted up. Then I'll pull the new 
>cables back through individually. Can't believe how easily the fish tape went 
>through. Makes me wonder if I should keep a pull rope in there at all.

If you do keep one in there, make it a braided rope rather than
a twisted one. Twist ropes love to wrap themselves around anything
they come near.

Or, as someone else suggested, a smooth piece of THHN or something
like that.

Steve K8LX

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