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Subject: [TowerTalk] Hoisting Rope...?
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Date: Sat Aug 2 10:50:11 2003
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>  what is everyone
>  using for Antenna and Tower section (Rohn 45) hoisting rope?
>  Was looking at Dacron 5/16 or 3/8 inch but not sure of the stretch that I
>  will get. location for purchasing.

    I prefer anything over 1/2 inch because it'll be easier to hang onto. The 
material is sort of immaterial because a haul rope will be low use and will 
be stored inside. 

    The most durable and expensive is kernmantle, or braid-on-braid. Sailing 
shops have rolls of them. I've got over 600 days of work on mine and it is 
still in great shape. 

    The very low end polypropylene is too stiff to make a good haul rope, it 
doesn't take knots easily. A soft, supple rope is my recommendation. 

    So nylon, dacron, etc. will work FB. 

    Be sure to get one that's twice the height of your tallest tower plus 20% 
to get a good working length.

Steve    K7LXC
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