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Date: Sat Aug 2 10:08:17 2003
Electrical wire makes a great pull "rope".  Don't forget to use a generous
amount of pull lube.

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Thanks for all the replies. I went out and got a 125 foot fish tape at the
Depot. It went completely through the conduit without any resistance
whatsoever. I think the new plan is to take out the cables that I just
installed and the pull rope, which are all twisted up. Then I'll pull the
cables back through individually. Can't believe how easily the fish tape
through. Makes me wonder if I should keep a pull rope in there at all.


Jim Idelson K1IR

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RE:   Pull rope twisted in conduit

Hi everybody,

I pulled a couple of small cables through my 100 foot 3" conduit that goes
the house to the tower. This time it was extremely difficult. I can't even
 the cable another inch. I'm lucky that it's just sticking out the other
Seems like the pull rope is twisted around some of the cables; and getting
worse every time I pull something else through. What's the best way to deal
with this?

A. Start using cable pull lubricant and don't wory about it?

B. Fish a new pull rope through the conduit? If this is the right answer,
what's the right way to do it? This sounds like the proper thing to do, if I
can figure out how.


Jim Idelson K1IR


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