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[allowed] [TowerTalk] how many radials on R7

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Subject: [allowed] [TowerTalk] how many radials on R7
From: (Didier Juges)
Date: Sun Aug 3 09:36:24 2003
There is no grounded part in an R7 type antenna. Mostly do not ground the
radials. If you want to ground something, that would be the shield of the
coax, at the attach point to the matching network.

If I recall, the matching network is composed of a balun and a step-up
transformer to convert the 50 ohm of the cable to the ~2000 ohm of a
vertical half wave radiator. The counterpoise only has to provide an
effective ground against the 2000 ohm impedance of the radiating element,
that's why Cushcraft can get away with such a small counterpoise compared to
a quarter wave vertical.


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Subject: [allowed] [TowerTalk] how many radials on R7

> how does one attach radials to a cushcraft type antenna which has the 4
> little radials mounted on its mast. does one attach to the grounding bolt
> lower part of the mast or does one just lay out a ring of radials and go
> a ground rod under the antenna. i am not sure off to improve the cushcraft
> is a R-7 model
> thanks very much there guys
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