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[TowerTalk] antenna suggestion?

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] antenna suggestion?
From: (Jim Jarvis)
Date: Sun Aug 3 15:17:50 2003

At the risk of reopening the prior transmission line debate...

I'd be interested in opinions about a utility antenna, 
relatively stealthy, for my new place in suburban MD.
There are covenants, but flexible enough that I can work
with them.  Presently dragging my feet and building relationships
before embarking on the tower project.  

Have oaks @ 80', spaced sufficient to allow an 80m dipole.
Cut down my Carolina Windom 160 to 135', and have it in the
air.  Tuning is flakey, and the un-uns/ rf isolators are
more visible than I'd like.  Contemplate changing the feed,
and using a tuner.  

Bands of interest:  80, 40, 30, 20, and 160 if possible.

I can deal with a tuner...and contemplate simply making
parallel xmsn line out of rg8x.  Although I have open wire
line available, and it's less visible than the line isolators,
the rg8x solution would seem more aesthetic.  

Would appreciate input on the following topics:

Center feed vs. offcenter feed.
feed system
value of extended length by folding wire vertical at ends.
        (could be 50' each end, or 235 total length)
160 meter issues

If anyone has already fiddled and modelled something, I'd be
interested in seeing the modeling results.  

Where this has been actively discussed on the reflector recently,
please send responses directly. (I've been away) If you think it 
has value for others, post it to the reflector.  

Thanks, in advance.

Jim, n2ea

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