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[TowerTalk] FYI if ur looking for ground rods

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FYI if ur looking for ground rods
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Date: Mon Aug 4 00:47:19 2003
I have been using nr 3 rebar stuffed inside 1/2 copper tubing instead of 
copper clad ground rods for years.  You can beat the hell out of them when you 
pound them in and the rebar doesn't allow much crush.  I sharpen the ends of 
with a grinder blade for my circular saw for easier burial.  The cost for a 
ten foot section of tubing and bar...around $5.
If you want to jet the tubing into the ground you can omit the rebar and the 
cost will run around $3.50.  In any case it is pure copper going into the chance of it corroding off...and it's CHEAP!
Bill K4XS
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