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[TowerTalk] Rotor Wiring Sequence Help

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rotor Wiring Sequence Help
From: (Mike Gilmer, N2MG)
Date: Mon Aug 4 10:10:56 2003
It's a common misconception that the heavy wires are 
for the motor - heaven knows I used to think that...

Figure 9 (Schematic)

"Terminals 1 and 2 must be connected to the using the 
larger gauge wires of the 8-wire cable."

And from the schematic one can see that Term 1 is  
ground and Term 2 is the brake.  

Sanity check:
If I read this right, the motor has two windings (CW, 
CCW) plus ground, so one would require THREE larger 
conductors if one wanted to wire the motor 

Mike N2MG

> > > The two heavy wires are to power the brake.  As 
> > > I recall the TR-44 doesn't have a brake so they 
> > > can go anywhere.

> > Are you sure? I thought they were for the  motor.

> Your memory has it right...

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