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[TowerTalk] RE: [CQ-Contest] Testing Stubs

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: [CQ-Contest] Testing Stubs
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Mon Aug 4 11:25:49 2003
Well, if nobody else is going to ring in here I will... I know this is a 
new publication and mebbe I am one of the first to see it....

International Radio, the INRAD folks, has at its helm George, W2VJN.

George has designed interference minimization systems for several 
contest stations and I think we have all seen some of the receiver tests 
he has done.  He has written a book, it is a compilation of of 
information entitled:

Managing Interstation Interference, coaxial stubs and filters

I recently bought a copy of the book and it is great.  Yes a lot of the 
stuff I had seen on the internet or various ham magazines but this is 
all that in one place plus insight on interference causes, etc.

I highly recommend this book... I am in no way affiliated with Intn'l 
Radio just a satisfied customer who plans on using this book as the 
textbook for a major project later this Summer.

Including postage mine cost 20 bucks... there are some good tips on 
tools and sources in it, too... I feel it was a well spent fin

Jim, K4OJ

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