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[TowerTalk] driving ground rods

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] driving ground rods
From: (Rick Karlquist)
Date: Mon Aug 4 14:30:01 2003
AA6DX said:
> Here's a brand new big hammer drill for $69 --- I have one .. 73, Mark

AKA Harbor Freight, it's been posted on this
reflector a number of times.

This hammer is SDS, not SDS-Max.  AFAIK, ground rod
driver bits are only available in SDS-Max and Spline.
Do you know where to get an SDS ground rod driver bit?
I have held off buying this hammer because of the
lack of a bit.

Regarding rental stores:  maybe in your area, you
can rent ground rod drivers, but around here, they
don't know what you are talking about.  At best, you
could buy your own bit and just rent the jack hammer.

Rick N6RK

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