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[TowerTalk] driving ground rods

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Subject: [TowerTalk] driving ground rods
From: (AA6DX)
Date: Mon Aug 4 18:56:15 2003
Yep .. I was a "postee" ... There are new folks aboard, apparently ...And,
if you will recall, my solution was to have an SDS bit become the "donee"
... lopped off with my 4?" air cutoff tool - Then, a socket was
"modified" -- 3/8" drive, reamed out to fit over the end of the cut off bit,
and become the guide to go over the ground rod.  Be sure to make the end of
the modified bit smooth!   And .. if you have an electric or air cutoff
tool, if the ground rod gets "boogered", simply cut it off and away ye
goest.  Cheaper than the SDS Max ground rod driver bit, at $70 !!!
It would be wise to rent a tool, or go to the local feed/farm store and get
a fence post pounder, if you only have one or two ground rods to drive.  BUT
.. the cheap 1" Hammer Drill is great for other uses.  I am going to use
mine in the next couple of days to remove giant hedge roots, and some bush
roots too .. part of the XYL's re-do of the yard.  The Bay has some
excellent deals on the plain SDS bits. You can even get a driver there, for
about 40 bucks, ? !! If you can afford, buy a spline or SDS Plus model in
the first place.  But, I use mine so little that the cheaper version is just
swell.  I    D O   have some concrete holes to put into my porch to mount my
Wilson tubular tower, so .. glad to have it!
I recommend the Tiny URL site, so far anyway, because lots of folks have
problems with super long URL addresses, getting them wrapped around the
axle, and this seems to be a neat solution.  I have found no problems with
it, as I said, SO FAR!
As to using iron plumbing pipe with an end cap .. my results in the years
past with that was dismal, because about the time the ground rod was ? of
the way driven, the top of the rod would bust through the pipe cap .. too
soft for that job!  Anyway .. my experience.  Your mileage may vary.
Just trying to do the right "ham thing" --- keep it cheap!  HIHIHI .. 73,
Y'all ... Mark   AA6DX

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] driving ground rods

> AA6DX said:
> > Here's a brand new big hammer drill for $69 --- I have one .. 73, Mark
> > AA6DX
> >
> AKA Harbor Freight, it's been posted on this
> reflector a number of times.
> This hammer is SDS, not SDS-Max.  AFAIK, ground rod
> driver bits are only available in SDS-Max and Spline.
> Do you know where to get an SDS ground rod driver bit?
> I have held off buying this hammer because of the
> lack of a bit.
> Regarding rental stores:  maybe in your area, you
> can rent ground rod drivers, but around here, they
> don't know what you are talking about.  At best, you
> could buy your own bit and just rent the jack hammer.
> Rick N6RK

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