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[TowerTalk] mast recommendation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] mast recommendation
From: (Bob Johnson)
Date: Mon Aug 4 20:37:13 2003
Maybe you are asking for a little too much !!!

I seem to remember that 21 Feet was a "Standard Length" for
pipe and tubing !!!

Try calling a supplier and asking " What is the Standard Length"
for 2 inch OD 1/4 inch wall 4130 pipe or tubing.

Might be a few feet shorter, but many $$$ cheaper !!!

Bob, K1VU

 At 07:49 PM 08/04/03 , wi8w wrote:
>Living in Grand Rapids, MI with a population of somewhere near 1 million
>people you would think that finding a length of pipe for a mast would be a
>easy task...not so.
>I have spent the last week calling every steel dealer both in new and used
>steel for a chunk of 2 inch OD 1/4 inch wall 4130 pipe about 24 feet long.
>Did I find anyone who could supply it?...nope.? All said it was special
>order and they could not guarantee 24 feet.? best they could do is something
>random betweek 17 and 24 feet? Special order meant that not only did I have
>to pay for the pipe (around $16 a foot) but I would have to pay the shipping
>(about $300 for a 24 foot length).? They all said that I could buy two
>pieces (and pay the shipping) and weld them together to make the 24 feet.? I
>am not a big fan of nor do I know how to weld anything short of a resistor
>to a circuit board.
>Anyone have any suggestions for a substitute at about a 24 foot length? I am
>stacking the following:
>2M/440 vertical
>19 element 440 beam
>20 element 2 meter twist antenna (10 vertical and 10 horizontal)
>5 elements on 6 meters
>A4S tribander
>in that order top to bottom.? Yep it is going to be tight and the first 10
>feet of the mast will be inside the tower
>2 inch OD seems to be the biggest I can go given the size of the thrust
>bearing (TB-3) on the tower.
>Thom WI8W
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