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[TowerTalk] Feedline in Conduit

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Feedline in Conduit
Date: Mon Aug 4 21:56:06 2003

     I would use solid conduit, with drain holes drilled in the underside of
the plastic at the low points in the run.  I would  cover these holes with
flower bed screening material (allows the water to drain out but not in),
and fix the material in place with three or four pieces of insulated solid
wire wrapped around the conduit.

     I would dig a small pit underneath the drain holes and fill the pit
with gravel to act as a drain field for any collected water.  I incorporated
each of the above items in my tower's conduit design and the cables all seem
to be ok after two years underground.

     The average ham, I would bet, cannot seal conduits sufficiently
watertight to preclude the accumulation of some amount of water.  Therefore,
we have to deal with this reality and provide a means of eliminating the

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Feedline in Conduit

> I'm getting ready to bury about 60 feet of PVC pipe in the backyard to run
> my feedlines in.  What's the best way?
> (1) PVC with drain holes in the bottom (a) laid on gravel bed  (b) no
> bed needed
> (2) PVC with no drain holes... (a) sealed at both ends to keep out water
> (b) terminated with an "upside-down J" arrangement to keep out water
> or something else entirely?  Advice appreciated,   Jerry K3BZ
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