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Subject: [BULK] - [TowerTalk] T-Connectors
From: (Steve Katz)
Date: Tue Aug 5 11:30:05 2003
The Type N F-F-F "T" adapter is military P/N UG28A/U, made by Amphenol and

The UHF F-F-F "T" adapter is military P/N M358F, but I haven't seen one in
many years -- don't know if anybody makes them with sufficient quality to be


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> I have been unable to find the following on the web, perhaps someone "in 
> the industry" can tell me if it exists.
> I am looking at Amphenol brand T-Connectors that are F X F X F, all 
> three connection points are female.  I am like a bunch of others getting 
> ready to do the stub thing - it is too hot in FL to do antenna work now 
> - and am hoping to go this route since I can use them without any double 
> female on that middle tee point.
> If I can fabricate up all my stubs, separation lines, etc. with PL259's 
> it will be easy to put it all together...
> Several of the usual ham radio connector suppliers have FXFXF fittings 
> but they are imports.
> Over the past 30 years of hamming and a lot of connector failures I have 
> adopted a personal "only Amphenol" rule (others feel the same way - it 
> just isn't worth it to gamble on a connector of dubious quality) and am 
> going to try and stick with it...
> SO, are you in the trade and have an Amphenol catalogue... from what I 
> see on the web they only have F X M X F option.
> Thanks,
> Jim, K4OJ
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