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[TowerTalk] Re: Arrows TowerTalk Digest, Vol 8, Issue 18

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Arrows TowerTalk Digest, Vol 8, Issue 18
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Date: Wed Aug 6 07:39:48 2003
Speaking of arrows in the air........

Back around ten years ago in was carrying one of those 13-foot tapered 
fiberglass poles hanging from my belt up the tower.  Yeah, I know...never carry 
anything attached to your belt.  Anyway it was facing pointy end down.  Somehow 
decided to work itself free at around 120 feet and hurtle down to the ground.

No one was at the base of the tower but I was concerned that the expensive 
fiberglass rod would break when it hit the ground.  When I climbed back down to 
ground level I was amazed to find not only did the rod not break, but it had 
driven itself into the ground about one foot deep like a javelin. 

Like one of the posters said....always stay clear of the tower when on a 
ground crew. If someone had been below me when this thing came down, he could 
looked like a shish-ka-bob.

Bill K4XS
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