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Subject: [BULK] - Re: [TowerTalk] Old coax connectors . . .
From: (Steve Katz)
Date: Wed Aug 6 13:36:25 2003

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> Why destroy the connector?  If it looks like Telfon (opaque white),
> touch a very hot iron to the plastic.  If it doesn't melt, it's
> Teflon.  If it does melt - a tiny little spot - it's not Teflon, but
> it's still usable for lower power.
> //Good idea.  I never think twice about "using up" PL-259's, and never
> even consider re-using any, since I buy them in 1000 pc lots and pay very
> little for them.  By visiting the Korean Trade Center at the WTC in Los
> Angeles and looking through some vendor catalogs, I found the source for
> the Radio Shack PL-259s as well -- the ones they sell for $2.19 are
> available for $.33 each plus cartage in lots of 1000.  Quite a profit
> margin those folks at the Shack have, eh?  Anyway, I'm sure you're right,
> a hot iron would do the trick.  -WB2WIK/6
> -- 
> 73, Bill W7TI
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