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[TowerTalk] Need Rohn 25G section

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need Rohn 25G section
From: (David Cook)
Date: Wed Aug 6 16:54:57 2003
Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I did what I should have done in
the first place and called Steve at Champion Radio
<>. Sure enough, he just happened to have one
extra 25G section looking for a home. For a nominal deliver fee, he's even
going to drop it on my doorstep. Long live Champion Radio, and thank you
very much Steve!

-- Dave, WA0TTN

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> Subject: [TowerTalk] Need Rohn 25G section
> I've been looking for a 25G section (10 foot) for some time now. Every
> dealer I've talked with tells me they've been on backorder
> for quite a while
> now. Furthermore, it might cost me an arm and/or a leg to get
> one shipped to
> me here in the Seattle area. Does anywone have any
> suggestions on where else
> I might scrounge for one or these?
> Thanks and 73,
> -- Dave, WA0TTN

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