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[TowerTalk] Buried conduit

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Buried conduit
From: (kb9yku)
Date: Wed Aug 6 17:48:46 2003
raping it with landscaping fibric
did you use the sold  stuff or the stuff with holes
i bet the holey  stuff is  less work to find

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> I use 4 inch, perforated corrugated drainage pipe for my runs (up to 120
> I first dug the trench, then laid in landscape fabric, inserted the pipe,
> wrapped the fabric over the top of the pipe.  This should keep most dirt
> and then backfilled.  I've never had a problem pulling cables through,
> after it had a few inside already.  At each entry point, I slit and cut a
> plastic cap to allow the cables to exit but keep the critters out.  No
> so far and real inexpensive.  Phil  KB9CRY
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