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[TowerTalk] mounting a new tower on an existing concrete base

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Subject: [TowerTalk] mounting a new tower on an existing concrete base
From: (Peter)
Date: Wed Aug 6 13:38:00 2003

Here @ PI4CC we have placed two towers of 15 meter freestanding on a bunker. We 
have drilled 50 cm deep and used a chemical glue to ensure it. Some pictures 
are at We drille drilled 3 holes. 1 for each 
leg o the tower.

We hired a company to do the job and paided $ 150 for 6 holes + glue


Stephen Reichlyn wrote:

> I vaguely remember some conversation about the possibility of re-using a
> concrete base for a new tower using
> pier pins. The pier pins could be inserted into the concrete using a
> special concrete drill bit and an epoxy glue
> for the bolts. Can anyone give me some guidance regarding where to purchase
> a kit or the parts to do this
> work? Has anyone on the list actually done it? How deep must the holes be
> drilled?
> 73,
> Steve AA4V
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