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Subject: [TowerTalk] anchor shackles
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Date: Wed Aug 6 17:52:20 2003
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> Question on anchor shackles. I have anchor shackles that have a screw pin.
>  The screw pin does not go all the way through with a nut on it. It just
>  screws into the shackle. 

    That's the most common configuration for a shackle, or clevis. I'd say 
80-90 of them are like that. 

>  There is a hole in the pin. Is there a recommended
>  wire loop or something that goes through the hole and keeps the pin from
>  turning out - like what is done on turnbuckles? I used a piece of 
>  wire (untwisted a guy wire) through the pin and wrapped it around the
>  shackle.

    Sure - that's fine. Mostly the hole in the pin is wired to prevent 
dropping the pin somewhere along the line. With typical guy tension of 400 
minimum, the shackle pin isn't going anywhere so there's really no need to 
safety wire it. 

Steve      K7LXC
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