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[TowerTalk] Broadband over Power Line Video

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Broadband over Power Line Video
From: (Phil Duff)
Date: Thu Aug 7 13:57:36 2003
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> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Broadband over Power Line Video
> and for those more lightly populated areas that don't have cable tv system or 
> dsl access there will be added costs of the devices to bridge the bpl past 
> each transformer between the injection point and the subscriber... this is 
> not 
> just an automatic thing where the power company plugs in something on their 
> end and the subscriber can just plug in a box and have access... every 
> transformer along the line, including the one at the subscriber's home, has 
> to 
> be bypassed to get the signal through... and then there are the distance 
> limits, amplifiers, probably fixing bad insulators and lightning arresters, 
> etc, etc, to reduce noise and get decent signals.  i have a feeling that 
> there 
> is a big lobby of bpl equipment providers that is trying to drum up business 
> that may end up falling flat on its face.

How true..proponents of BPL tout that it will bring internet access to rural 

I heard recently that BPL needs "repeaters" every 200 meters or so. 

The cable TV/broadband companies won't provide cable service to rural, sparcely 
developed or even modest housing developments located away from town because it 
is uneconomical to do so.  

Why should the economics of BPL be substanially different?  Probably not but 
the BPL advocates probably don't want to mention that nor do they want to talk 
about or provide data on interference from BPL.  

73 Phil NA4M

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