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Date: Fri Aug 8 08:38:57 2003
One of the things I liked about my TA33 was its ruggedness. I bought it used 
for $70
and had it up on some Rohn25 for about years. This was in Albuquerque at the 
of an 10,800 foot mountain.

Storm winds spill down the face of the mountain often, and one thunderstorm 
30% of the shingles on my roof. High winds in the high desert are VERY common.
March and April bring winds into the 35 MPH range on a daily basis. 
and winter storms, MUCH higher than that.

I never had a single problem or had to do any maintenence on the beam in the
8 years it was up. It is one STRONG antenna, and served me well on the air.

John K5MO

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