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[TowerTalk] Antenna element vibration damping - How

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna element vibration damping - How
From: (Robert Shohet)
Date: Fri Aug 8 15:44:51 2003
Interesting Bill.  Not sure why you had that experience.

At my qth, I double hoseclamped every place on each element that previously
used one hoseclamp.
I then used a pair of "dykes" to cut off the ends of the hoseclamp and taped
over them with Scotch 88 to prevent them from snagging on guy wires and
other things. I also double nutted every place where there was one nut.

Maybe this would have further reduced any vibration taking place as your
element tips were working loose?  Possibly you also have a constant steady
breeze at your qth?  I imagine that that could be a big factor as well.

Although I get heavy wind pretty often (especially in the Spring, Fall and
Winter) there are also long periods of calm at my QTH, as opposed to say
Long Island where there is almost always a wind.

I have no doubt that there is still element vibration taking place in my
elements - I just tried to take precautions to reduce it as much as

Bob KQ2M

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Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] Antenna element vibration damping - How

> I have noticed that most everyone uses rope in the elements to dampen
> element vibration, but it is not a cureall. I have used this idea as well,
> but have had mixed results. Both my 5 element Hygains (15 and 10) had
> serious element vibration, even with the rope. The tips of the elements
> would vibrate off within a few months. Never had the problem with my old
> This isn't just a Hygain problem though, my 6 element KLM 10 meter
> monobander had the same problem. My 6 element 15 was just fine. I have had
> two Force 12 antennas and have not had a problem even without the rope
> trick.
> I can still remember the broken element ends on the 5 element Hygain with
> the rope hanging out.
> Bill, W5VX

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