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[TowerTalk] How to align a beam

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Subject: [TowerTalk] How to align a beam
From: (Dan)
Date: Sat Aug 9 16:17:57 2003
Dave, this has been discussed many times on this reflector and is in the
archive. The easiest way is to look in your newspaper in the weather section
for the sunup and sundown times. Divide the time difference between them to
get the exact time for mid day. At that time the shadow of any vertical
tower, post or whatever, will point to true north. draw a line on the ground
or sight on some distant tree or house or whatever at that time. Align your
boom with that visually. Even large yagis have patterns so broad that an
accuracy of a few degrees is close enough. GL, Dan, N5AR
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Subject: [TowerTalk] How to align a beam

> I'm getting ready to raise my first beam antenna and am wondering how to
> the directional alignment. I know the magnetic declination here in the NW
> about 20 degrees, and will adjust for that. But what's a good method for
> sighting the thing in with a compass when it's way the heck up in the air?
> Or is it that critical?
> Thanks and 73,
> -- Dave, WA0TTN
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