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[TowerTalk] How to align a beam

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Subject: [TowerTalk] How to align a beam
From: (Frank Ayers)
Date: Sat Aug 9 16:20:37 2003
I used the "find a tree" method and it worked just fine, even with an array
of 1296 antennas with a beamwidth of 12 degrees. If you find you're always a
little off in one direction, you can always adjust it later.


David Robbins K1TTT wrote -
> Second, its really not that critical unless you are going to do
> microwave grid hunting.
> Now, the easiest way I have found is to pick a tree, building, or some
> other distinctive landmark a reasonable distance away that you know the
> bearing to, set the rotor to that bearing, then point the antenna at it
> by sighting along the boom, and clamp it down.

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