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[TowerTalk] How to align a beam

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Subject: [TowerTalk] How to align a beam
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Date: Sat Aug 9 19:53:48 2003
      E X A C T L Y  !!!   Mark .. AA6DX

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] How to align a beam

> Dave,
> Your question is going to raise a storm of answers to the same question
> as it was asked many times in the past.
> The simple answer is:  Point your beam at the North Star .. that's
> NORTH.  You can walk out in your yard and determine which direction is
> south by aligning your tower with Polaris.  Where you are standing in
> due South of the tower.  Put a stake in the ground there.  Aim your
> antenna towards the place you have marked as South ... or directly away
> from South .. that's North!
> Don
> N8DE
> David Cook wrote:
> > I'm getting ready to raise my first beam antenna and am wondering how to
> > the directional alignment. I know the magnetic declination here in the
NW is
> > about 20 degrees, and will adjust for that. But what's a good method for
> > sighting the thing in with a compass when it's way the heck up in the
> > Or is it that critical?
> >

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