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[TowerTalk] Rebar cage for tower footing

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rebar cage for tower footing
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Date: Sun Aug 10 20:17:43 2003
Ok Bob
    They make a fixture just for the purpose of holding the rebar up off the 
dirt,or stone in your case.They come in different sizes,are made from heavy 
wire,and look like a small chair with no back.The seat part is shaped into a u 
shape to hold the rebar.We call them chairs.A brick or a piece of block will do 
the same thing.If I can find a picture of one I'll send it to you.They should 
be available at any masons or building supply store.

                          JOE KG4VBR
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> Date: 2003/08/10 Sun PM 05:10:14 EDT
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> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rebar cage for tower footing
> Many thanks to all who replied to my query.  They all make very good sense and
> I'll take them to heart when I get the hole dug.  That is to say I followed 
> and
> agree with most of the suggestions, A-l-l  e-x-c-e-p-t  f-o-r  o-n-e.  Joe, I
> hope your reply was a misprint, otherwise you have me totally intrigued.
> Regards,
> Bob
>   Bob
>      How bout you set the rebar on chairs then pour it all at once.
>                              JOE KG4VBR
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