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[TowerTalk] Re: (Tower Talk) Antenna element vibration damping-How

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: (Tower Talk) Antenna element vibration damping-How
From: (Robert Shohet)
Date: Mon Aug 11 08:03:30 2003
Hi Bill,

> I'm not sure either. I am about 75 miles from the gulf and the weather is
> pretty moderate. Usually not a lot of wind but pretty consistent. We do
> a breeze in the evenings off the gulf but not a wind. All of my antennas
> were on the same tower, 90' of Rohn 25. I was pretty irritated when Hygain
> told me that they had never heard of this problems before! However, I do
> know individuals who have used the highain monobanders with absolutely no
> problems, go figure!

Well that IS interesting, especially since in ALL the Hygain monobanders
that I put up, enough black nylon rope was included to put a piece in each
and every element!  I seem to recall the assembly instructions showing an
element with a piece of rope sticking out and explaining how to put the rope
at the element end under the element cap to keep it in place.

If it resonant vibration wasn't a problem, then I am sure that they would
not have bothered to include the rope or the directions!

Maybe the guys who did not have problems forgot that they put the rope in
there?  or maybe they were just lucky (so far).

>When I put up my C3 on that tower the problems with the
> vibration stopped. Actually, the element tips did not come loose, they
> off... usually immediately next to where they went into the next piece of
> alunimum tubing.

I have seen that happen but fortunately not at my qth.

> I have moved since and put up 120' of Rohn 25 with a C3E at the top of the
> tower and a Hygain 2 ele 40 above. I was real worried about the 40 so I
> the rope, hose clamps, and I riveted each piece of aluminum. I also
> the hose clamps with Scotch 88. No problems of any kind with either

Glad that worked for you.  No problems with that here in 5 years.  We will
see how the next five years are.

Bob KQ2M

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