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[TowerTalk] Comment on Radar Engineers Model 240

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Comment on Radar Engineers Model 240
From: (Tod - Idaho)
Date: Mon Aug 11 17:15:18 2003
Wonder of wonders --

The Supervisor of Power Distribution in Idaho Falls (nearest town to my
Idaho QTH) called to ask if I thought they should buy a Radar Engineers
Model 240 RFI/TVI location system. (Shown at )

The system covers 1.8 MHz thru 1000 MHz. To use it one sets up at the
location where the interference is causing trouble and  scans the spectrum
The noise pattern/signature is seen on an oscilloscope and is recorded in a
computer memory. Then the unit is taken out in a vehicle which searches for
interference with a matching pattern coming from a pole or a location. The
system comes with a small hand held Yagi that is used to search for the
noise when one gets close to the source. Sounds great to me, anyone use one
or know someone who has used one? Is the system effective or does it just
have good marketing?

The purchase has to be in this year's budget (order before Aug 20). The
Supervisor was worried about training his people since the unit comes from a
company on Oregon. (I may volunteer to do the training if they let me use
the unit.)

Comments would certainly be appreciated.

Tod, K?TO

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