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[TowerTalk] Reverse rotation on Ham IV

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Reverse rotation on Ham IV
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Mon Aug 11 23:31:54 2003
one should stay one....

that is your system common for both the directional and brake "paths"....

unfortunately my manual is not here but....

I know 4 and 8 are the motor capacitor....

so I would guess it just may be 2 and 3 that need switching....

Lift the line and put you Voltmeter on there - see which combo moves 
when you hit the directional buttons!

As memory serves its 24 volts I think


VeeAthreePL wrote:
> I think I goofed somewhere with control cables (too many connectors and 
> too many splices) to the rotor and the rotor is rotaiting the other way. 
> When I press CW it rotate CCW. It is like CW and CCW are reversed. What 
> happen if I reverse wires connected to pin 1 and 2? Will the rotor rotate 
> the way it 
> should?
> Thanks
> Andy - VA3PL
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