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[TowerTalk] Re: antenna element vibration damping - how

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: antenna element vibration damping - how
From: (Jan Erik Holm)
Date: Tue Aug 12 01:51:16 2003
Thank?s Hank very good explanation. Now nobody has to ask
anymore and I can see I have done the right thing.
Also I don?t have to explain anymore with my crummy English,
but people doesn?t beleive me anyway, guess I have to
live with that.

73 Jim SM2EKM
------------------------------------------------------------------ wrote:

> List members:
> The phenomina you are witnessing is called vortex shedding or oscillation. It 
> is a function of natural frequency of the element, in this case a cylindar 
> with 
> l/d >25, and the weight per unit length plus the wind velocity.
> For those who wish to see some illustrations go to:

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