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[TowerTalk] Re: [FCG] Relays in RF usage

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: [FCG] Relays in RF usage
From: (Mike Gilmer - N2MG)
Date: Wed Aug 13 08:49:07 2003
These are the same type of Aromat relays (JW series)
found in Array Solutions StackMatch boxes.

They are available at Digikey for, as Pete noted, ~$2 
in small qty - SPDT, DPDT and various coil voltages.

Mike N2MG

N4ZR wrote:

>At 02:25 PM 8/12/03 -0700, Jim Lux wrote:
> > Hopefully, too, the mfr has actually tested the 
> > particular relay at RF rather than blindly scaling 
> > from 60 Hz databook values.  If you're making 
> > a thousand radios, it's worth it to do so.

> It's in this connection that I recall a post by 
> W2VJN some years ago recounting tests of the relays 
> used in their TopTen relay boxes.  Despite the fact 
> that these 10A-rated relays are very small, and only 
> cost about $2 each in small quantities, George told 
> of successfully testing them repeatedly at full 
> legal power.  Sort of undermines the big is best 
> theory.

> For details, check 

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