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[TowerTalk] Safe Hazer Install help..

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Safe Hazer Install help..
From: (Richard M. Gillingham)
Date: Wed Aug 13 14:31:08 2003
Well, you won't be able to use the guy brackets and torsion bars at 30'.
The hazer won't pass it.  If you mount the bracket and torsion bars above
the highest point the hazer will be raised to (including the couple of
inches extra to clear the safety stop before lowering to allow it to support
the weight of the hazer et al).  If you put the middle guys in, you'll need
to slack off the top ones first to clear the antennas, lower the hazer, and
then tighten them up again.  Then slack off the lower set of guys to allow
the hazer to pass over them.  That's why no bracket, no torque arms at the
middle level..  Best bet is to contact Glen Martin Engineering, the folks
who designed the Hazer for more specific stuff.    I've used a Hazer for a
number of years with success.  I had to climb the tower once when the cable
broke (my fault) and re string the new cable through the pulley.  Not a big

Gil, W1RG
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Subject: [TowerTalk] Safe Hazer Install help..

> At present I have a Rohn 25 at 55 feet, guyed at 30 feet with torsion bars
> and guy bracket, Plans were to also guy at 50 feet with the same setup,
> bracket, torsion bars. But  they are on the ground as that was the next
> step on the tower to finish. Well, After 5 months of watching this tower
> up section by section as I got my nerve and had friends help get all of it
> up., I've come to realize I do NOT do towers very well. At 30 feet I get
> the jitters, I don't need to be playing at 50+ feet with antennas. Soooo.
> I just ordered a Hazer to get past this problem. They recommend just
> at the top a few inches above the hazers top resting stop.  Rohn says to
> guy at around 30 feet and 50 feet with two sets of guys. So do I trust the
> hazer set up at 55 feet with guys only at the top so it can travel
> when needed ?
> Planned antennas are a Cushcraft A4S just above the top on a  16 foot 2"
> mast with 2 each M2 12 ele 144 mhz beams ( 19 foot booms ). One mounted at
> the top of the mast and one 11 feet down. (stacked for 2 meters).
> Or do I need to take about 10 feet off the top and play it safe. I do have
> another 30 foot tower I could move 10 feet over on that I use for various
> VHF antennas that is guyed and house bracketed. A array of DX-120 beams go
> here.
> Dave
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