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[TowerTalk] relays

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] relays
From: (Jim Jarvis)
Date: Wed Aug 13 11:17:43 2003

I'm building a high power remote antenna tuner, which
will be used to rough-match 50 ohm coax to open wire 
line from an 80 meter dipole (possibly extended), on
160-10.  Beam won't go up until Spring, at earliest. 

The tentative plan is to use relay switching between
preset tuning positions for each band or band-segment,
and to run the coax at 2:1 or less.  This will keep me
in range of the shack auto-tuners.  

All the posts I saw on the topic of relays dealt with
an essentially matched situation, and high power.  At
least potentially, I'll have high voltage to deal with
on the high-Z side of this matching network.  

Would anyone care to wade in on the topic of appropriate
relays for switching taps on the inductor, or switching 
output caps?  

Anyone got a source for vacuum variables which might be
appropriate in this application?

Random $.02 welcome.

Jim, N2EA

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