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Subject: [TowerTalk] Was: Antenna Stirs Static .....
From: (KG4QDZ)
Date: Wed Aug 13 16:58:35 2003
I think all this discussion has raised my blood pressure :(   It's a topic
near and dear to me, but I won't go into it so I can keep the BP done ;)

Anyway, would there be interest in compiling a list of areas KNOWN to be
good for hams to share and/or create a web site on? I would be willing to
collect the input and put something up if there's interest. Nothing funny
like "in the middle of the desert", etc., just real experience with real
rules and personal knowledge. I think a listing of knowledgeable real estate
agents would be good too. READ TO THE END FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON EMAIL.

I may even try to get the ARRL to publish it, who knows. If I only get a few
responses, it won't be worth it, but if everyone identifies their
town/subdivision/city/whatever (where the rules cover) and whether it's good
or bad (see scale below), we could have something.

How about:
- City/town/area
- rating (1=no rules, no permits / 2=permit req., but almost anything goes /
3=permits or rules, but accomodates with min. hassle / 4=must go before
board or get neighbor approval or other iffy condition / 5=no way)
- your call
- real estate persons who are hams or are familiar with our needs
- real estate contact info (phone, email, etc)
- Areas and ratings for places (specifics) you have heard about but have not
dealt directly (if someone is looking for a "1" and you know of a place that
is at least a "4", probably a "5", the rating details won't matter much -
it's out)

and send it to and I will see what we get.

And comments on the idea to me or the list are fine (but I'll use a 'rule'
to automatically pull out the survey input, so send the data there.

73, Skip

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