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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower laws
From: (Gregg Seidl)
Date: Wed Aug 13 21:00:20 2003
In my little township which has way more cows then people I just went to the
board and told what I was going to do and they said no promblem,whatever.I
did have a one guy who lives about a mile away ask me why I needed 4 towers
so I told hime for different bands and to not load down one tower so much
etc.He made a bit of a stink and told me he was going to go to the town
board and see if that was legal and all.This guy had at least 10 old cars on
blocks in his yard and he only lived in my town for a year.I informed him in
no uncertian terms that he was free to do that but if he did I was going to
contact the DNR about his cars leaking gas and oil into the groundwater.He
made a smart!#$ remark that I didn't know anyone from the DNR. and couldn't
do that.I am a dairy farmer and we were installing a manure pit so I did get
to a few DNR people and one that my ham radio stuff was neat and he really
loved the MARS guys when he was in Veitnam.I asked him to do me a favor and
he did.Boy did that guy clean up his junk after that.He moved back to the
city after that.It didn't hurt that I have lived here for my entire and
everyone knows who I am and who my dad is and grandpa etc.Sometimes
neighbors are jerks.I'm not sure way they think they can limit what one does
with there own long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.Now if we could
just get a nation wide concern going about the damage light pollution does
to the night sky.    Gregg K9KL and owner of Towers View observatory

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