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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: [CQ-Contest] Printing QSL Info on Cards
From: (Dave Bernstein)
Date: Wed Aug 13 21:28:16 2003
I directly print QSL cards on 110-lb card stock, 4 cards per 8.5"x11"
sheet. A 250-sheet pack of this card stock costs $11.00 at your local
OfficeMax or Staples. 1000 cards for $11 works out to a little more than
a penny per card, plus ink. I print using using an HP DeskJet 895CSE
inkjet printer. In my pursuit of the TOPLIST and DXCC Challenge awards,
I've printed thousands of cards, and am on my second set of inkjet

The software I use for this is DXKeeper. It's a comprehensive logging
application optimized for DXing, but you can use it as a QSL printer by
importing ADIF files from other logging applications. By default, it
will  confirm multiple QSOs with the same station on the same QSL card,
further saving on printing and ink costs. The generated QSL cards are
utilitarian, but they are accurate and effective. You will need a paper
cutter to separate the cards. Alternatively, DXKeeper can print QSL
information on Avery labels, which you then affix to pre-printed QSL
cards; this is faster and fancier, but also  more expensive.

Like all DXLab applications, DXKeeper is free, and available via .


         Dave, AA6YQ

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Has anyone bothered to compare the costs of printing QSLs, with or
without data labels, on a home PC using photo paper.  It would seem to
be prohibitively expensive.  Or, are the majority of you getting them at
a print shop and merely adding labels.  Sorry for the stupid question,
but I've been away too long.


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