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[TowerTalk] Safe Hazer Install help..

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Safe Hazer Install help..
From: (Arthur Moe)
Date: Wed Aug 13 17:40:19 2003

I have 70 feet up with a Hazer and use two sets of guys.  For the 
middle set I did not use the Torsion bar. What I did is I went to
the local rigging company and had them make me up 3 ea. 1 foot long
lengths with eye on each end. I use these to wrap 2 turns 
around the tower leg at the junction of the "z" braces at about the 35
foot level. I then use a celvis, with the pin going through the 2 eyes
and the loop holding the actual guy wire.  This has been in use for 
about 7 years with no problems.  To lower the Hazer I turn the booms
of antennas parallel to the face of the tower that the Hazer rotor
plate is on. Remove the 2 guys that are on the rotor side of the Hazer
and leave the other in place. I then lower the Hazer to just above the
the second set of guys and reset the lock. I then work the top guys 
around the antenna and re hook them up. Then making sure that the "lock 
is set"  I climb and remove the middle set of guys. To go up just reverse.
It is a bit of work but I can do most of the work from the ground.


David Vondrasek wrote:
> At present I have a Rohn 25 at 55 feet, guyed at 30 feet with torsion bars
> and guy bracket, Plans were to also guy at 50 feet with the same setup, guy
> bracket, torsion bars. But  they are on the ground as that was the next
> step on the tower to finish. Well, After 5 months of watching this tower go
> up section by section as I got my nerve and had friends help get all of it
> up., I've come to realize I do NOT do towers very well. At 30 feet I get
> the jitters, I don't need to be playing at 50+ feet with antennas. Soooo.
> I just ordered a Hazer to get past this problem. They recommend just guying
> at the top a few inches above the hazers top resting stop.  Rohn says to
> guy at around 30 feet and 50 feet with two sets of guys. So do I trust the
> hazer set up at 55 feet with guys only at the top so it can travel downward
> when needed ?
> Planned antennas are a Cushcraft A4S just above the top on a  16 foot 2" OD
> mast with 2 each M2 12 ele 144 mhz beams ( 19 foot booms ). One mounted at
> the top of the mast and one 11 feet down. (stacked for 2 meters).
> Or do I need to take about 10 feet off the top and play it safe. I do have
> another 30 foot tower I could move 10 feet over on that I use for various
> VHF antennas that is guyed and house bracketed. A array of DX-120 beams go
> here.
> Dave
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