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[TowerTalk] Safe Hazer Install help..

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Safe Hazer Install help..
From: (Thomas Viselli)
Date: Thu Aug 14 10:05:28 2003
Before I put up my Hazer with a GM tower, I was also asking a lot of questions. 
 I have a  GM 40 footer, and only have one set of guys at the top, and it works 
fine.  I was also asking about a second set of guys on another tower, and 
someone told me what they were using for the second set  of guys and they 
claimed it worked great.  I'll try to explain it.  They made a frame to loosely 
fit around the tower.  This frame had provisions to attach a second set of 
guys.  They attached three 20 foot cables (one at each corner of the Hazer) to 
the bottom of the Hazer.  The lower end of the cables connected to the 
fabricated frame.  HOpe you can picture this.  When the Hazer was elevated all 
the way, the fabricated frame would be located 20 feet below the Hazer, and 
it's guys could be connected to the guy anchors. When the Hazer was lowered, 
the frame would just slide down the tower.  This way you would have a set of 
guys at the 50 ft level and a set at the 30 ft level when the Hazer was cranked 
all the way up.  Sounded good to me.  
Good luck with your project.
73, Tom  K2UOP in WV
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