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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower laws
From: (Bob Puharic)
Date: Wed Aug 13 22:09:34 2003
My township wants $750 for any tower over 30'.  I am planning to put up a
48' tower, so I've asked the neighbors if they want 5 30 foot towers (legal)
or 1 48' tower (didn't tell them that's illegal). They all said 1 48' tower
is fine.

There's a way around every problem.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower laws

> In my little township which has way more cows then people I just went to
> board and told what I was going to do and they said no promblem,whatever.I
> did have a one guy who lives about a mile away ask me why I needed 4
> so I told hime for different bands and to not load down one tower so much
> etc.He made a bit of a stink and told me he was going to go to the town
> board and see if that was legal and all.This guy had at least 10 old cars
> blocks in his yard and he only lived in my town for a year.I informed him
> no uncertian terms that he was free to do that but if he did I was going
> contact the DNR about his cars leaking gas and oil into the groundwater.He
> made a smart!#$ remark that I didn't know anyone from the DNR. and
> do that.I am a dairy farmer and we were installing a manure pit so I did
> to a few DNR people and one that my ham radio stuff was neat and he really
> loved the MARS guys when he was in Veitnam.I asked him to do me a favor
> he did.Boy did that guy clean up his junk after that.He moved back to the
> city after that.It didn't hurt that I have lived here for my entire and
> everyone knows who I am and who my dad is and grandpa etc.Sometimes
> neighbors are jerks.I'm not sure way they think they can limit what one
> with there own long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.Now if we could
> just get a nation wide concern going about the damage light pollution does
> to the night sky.    Gregg K9KL and owner of Towers View observatory
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