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[TowerTalk] Neighbors "rights"

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Neighbors "rights"
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Date: Thu Aug 14 10:38:41 2003
>>What neighbor's rights is this ham trampling on?


>The right to live in an attractive neighborhood.  It's why they don't
>build nice houses next to junkyards or steel mills.  You and I may
>think towers are a thing of beauty, but not everyone does.

>73, Bill W7TI

The "right" a neighbor has, is to select a development or parcel of land
that has restrictions matching that neighbors personal requirements.

He/she has *no* right to move into a house, where a neighbor may legally
erect a tower (or a junkyard, OR a steel mill) and then try and
stop said neighbor from exercising THEIR rights in doing whatever they
damn well please that's legal to do on their property.

If an individual doesn't agree with the neighbor exercising his right
to do whatever's legal on their property, that individual has two
choices... either move, or accept the tower (junkyard, steel mill).

John K5MO

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