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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: The "right" a neighbor has
From: (James)
Date: Thu Aug 14 12:20:02 2003
John was commenting on neighbood rights and I wanted to add
two examples of how stupid some people can be when
they think they can move in and make existing parties change.

>The "right" a neighbor has, is to select a development or parcel of land
>that has restrictions matching that neighbors personal requirements.
>He/she has *no* right to move into a house, where a neighbor may legally
>erect a tower (or a junkyard, OR a steel mill) and then try and
>stop said neighbor from exercising THEIR rights in doing whatever they
>damn well please that's legal to do on their property.
>If an individual doesn't agree with the neighbor exercising his right
>to do whatever's legal on their property, that individual has two
>choices... either move, or accept the tower (junkyard, steel mill).
>John K5MO

Here in the Dallas area, we have the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. Its BIG!
Its been around for what...30 years? There's a lot of new housing 
developments going up around it and people that move in are objecting
to the noise. Ohh they didn't know the airport was there?
They didn't know airports can be noisy?

Another example is a dirt bike riding area on Lake Lavon northeast of
Dallas that is under the Army Corps of Engineers. New home owners
objected to the noise in spite of it being on the back side of a hill
and pretty well isolated. End result, its gonna be a golf course eventually.

Some people simply don't have common sense. They must have graduated from 
a high school where the kids drive brand new Mustangs, BMWs, etc. where
the have letters (sport jacket letters) for litigation. <snicker>

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