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[TowerTalk] Chicago Tribune: Antenna Stirs Static AmongNeighbors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Chicago Tribune: Antenna Stirs Static AmongNeighbors
From: (on4kj)
Date: Thu Aug 14 07:11:58 2003
We do better in Europe Scott.
What should you do if the judge in court tells you " just connect that radio
transmitter on the cable " no more need for antenna....Cable TV was new for
them in the early eighties I admit, but this is once again a proof that the
deciders should be better informed. The lawyer of the other party did'nt
even know about the existance of " Amateur Radio " he talked about CB... It
took me about half an hour to make clear to that venerable assembly what
Amateur Radio was all about. One may understand CB is like sandpaper to my
poor ears. Lost the right one since.......

Jos on4kj

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> If I only had a nickel for everyone who asked me, "why can't you bury that
> cell tower underground like the power lines?"
> > >>I can hear the complaints now if a cell tower was to be put up as once
> > again, the ininformed insist that the laws of
> > >>physics can be violated.  Then too, the objections could be easily
> > rationalized away - it all depends on whose ox is being gored.
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