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[TowerTalk] Suburb Home & Conservative Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Suburb Home & Conservative Tower
From: (Bill Turner)
Date: Fri Aug 15 00:02:14 2003
On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 11:55:10 -0500, "Gene Bigham" <>

>After reading all these posts I count my lucky stars!  I recently got 
>re-married and we looked for a home for about 3 months.  During the search our 
>realtor friend of the family was made aware of my interest in a home where a 
>modest tower could be erected.  She was very helpful and directed us to homes 
>that had been screened on this qualification.  As it turned out we saw many 
>suitable homes that pleased me for their RF launch ability but did not suit 
>the Mrs.  Finally, we looked at this home and it met all criteria.  I got to 
>know the neighbors immediately building good will.  Then started out with a 
>G5RV in the tree.  This brought curiosity out in several neighbors.  I briefly 
>explained what I was doing in low tech terms and the fun it was to do so.  
>Next, came a Gap Challenger vertical.  Again, curiosity was expressed.  I 
>inquired if there were any interference issues with all of them and was told 
>no.  We have underground everything here, power, phone, cable.  One neighbor 
>has not
>subscribed to cable and asked if my antenna would help his TV reception.  We 
>laughed about that one.  Next came a 50 foot crank up aluma tower which was 
>placed in the back yard while preparations were being made to erect.  Again 
>curiosity from the neighbors.  I again inquired if any interference had been 
>noticed.  The response was no.  When the day came to erect the tower, rotator, 
>beam, etc.  Two neighbors offered to help!  It has been up and nested now for 
>a couple of months and no complaints to date.  Oh, I did research the 
>covenants and restrictions for the community on line and found one item 
>referenced to tower which only specified must be installed and maintained in 
>sound mechanical condition.  So far so good, now go knock on a 3-500zg tube or 
>two and see what happens.


Gene has exactly the right approach.  Anyone suffering from
testosterone poisoning should take heed.

Bill, W7TI

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