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[TowerTalk] My local tower restriction

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Subject: [TowerTalk] My local tower restriction
From: (Jim Lux)
Date: Fri Aug 15 11:13:26 2003
That is, you have a "fall radius within property lines" kind of

Short answer: it is unreasonable, because a totally laid out flat kind of
failure isn't particularly credible (depending on the kind of tower, etc.)
Towers tend to crumple or bend when failing, for a variety of interesting
fundamental physics reasons (moment of inertia of long thin objects).

However, practical answer: it's tough to prove it in a simple, effective
way.  You wind up having to point to other sources that say "it's ok" based
on previous experience, etc.   To "prove" that a particular installation is
"safe" from credible failures is an expensive and tedious proposition.

As a further practical matter, this "fall radius" kind of restriction isn't
applied to other, much more credible, risks: tall trees falling over, being
a most noticeable one; your house collapsing and falling into your
neighbor's property (hey, my setback is only 5 feet on the side of the
property, and the house is 25 feet high. It COULD happen, if a suitable
blast wave from something where to knock the house over on it's side)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] My local tower restriction

> In the town I'm in, the local ordinance says all residential towers have
> be set back from property boundaries a distance equal to the height of the
> tower + 10 ft.  Because of my small lot, this means I would be allowed a
> tower 15 feet high.  I'm not sure if this constitutes a PRB-1 violation or
> not, but since I don't have a really ambitious tower desire anyway, I've
> been advised to go ahead and put up a 40' crank up tube type mast with a 3
> el. steppIR yagi (I don't want to go any higher) and see what happens.  It
> would be nested down at 20' when not in use.  I already have had up a
> vertical that's 38' high for the past 2 years and no hassles about it yet.
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