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[TowerTalk] looking for Fulton K or KX1550 winch

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Subject: [TowerTalk] looking for Fulton K or KX1550 winch
From: (Tom Anderson)
Date: Fri Aug 15 11:27:18 2003

Try Karl Tashjian at
Karl is a former TriEx engineer. and sells the 1550 I know.  Also you
might want to look at the Fulton 2550 which Karl sells, has a higher
rating and is geared so its easier to crank so I have been told.  My the
brake pads on my Fulton 1550 squeal like a stuck pig when I lower it. 
Couple folks on towertalk suggested the 2550.

Tom, WW5L

Jim Spears wrote:
> for my LM354.  cannot find it in Northern Tool catalog and struck out on
> other web sources.  lots of trailer winches for sale but not so many of this
> type.
> Help...
> Jim
> N1NK
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