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[TowerTalk] "Tree sitting" on a tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] "Tree sitting" on a tower
From: (James)
Date: Fri Aug 15 12:24:14 2003
>I'd also point out that if you are a "true believer" you need to be willing
>to go to jail for it.  How many would be tower erectors are willing to erect
>the tower, strap themselves to it (a'la tree sitters) and wait to be
>forcibly removed and dragged off to prison for contempt?

Years ago, some guy clmbed a 400' tower and sat on top the beacon lamp.
That in itself was pretty uncomfortable, if you know what one looks like.
But he was up there as shown in the newspapaer's shot from a helicopter.
He was sitting up there with arms outstretched.

So a week later, I'm up the same tower. Never noticed the commotion going
on below trucks, ambulance, etc. until a helicopter started
buzzing me. I guess someone figured I knew what I was doing if they 
looked in the bed of my pickup and saw all the obvious tower rigging
equipment and tools.

Then there was the pilotless F-4 Phantom jet that buzzed me...but that's
another story.


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